Peña is a Business Private Club created 11 years ago for 2 entrepreneurs. One of them is Emmanuel Deleau, entrepreneur installed in Barcelona from 2006 and who develops today the Club with its team.

The vocation first of Peña it is Many business sectors are represented in the Club. However, we want to impose a numerus clausus for every business sector in order to to ensure a broad plurality and facility in our exchanges.

Currently, Peña is an Although was founded by French entrepreneurs, Peña is an open Club

Emmanuel Deleau
 Entrepreneur and founder of Peña

Good morning, and welcome to our website.
I am a French entrepreneur, with a shared heart between my country and Spain. In 2006, decided to install me in Barcelona with my family to create the Spanish subsidiary of a French company. From 2011, undertake for my own account and development Peña Business Club that I founded in 2008.
Born in 1974, married with 2 children, my career path has been developed until now the in field of the marketing, communication, means, development of startups and company' management.
They can contact me directly for mail: info@lpbc.club


Given the constant evolution of Peña in recent years and at the request of its Members of having We have had the important opportunity of finding this that is about first welcoming space with two living-rooms and another office space. We have a private offices, permanent jobs in shared and offices spaces of co-working. Be to happen only a moment, to receive a client, investors, punctually work, to organise a meeting, to pay directly a company, etc …, “The Club” is


Peña Business Club is a Club reserved only to the highest leaders of companies. Many business sectors they are represented in Peña. However, we want to impose a The acceptance of each new member has be validated by Founding Members. Peña proposes different fees which it allows to each to live the Club according to its needs. Be the fee Club, the Premium fee or the fee Excellence, our team puts to every average level increasingly significant to offer to its Members provisions and services that they allow them to develop its business and to make profitable its fee.

We organise between 2 and 4 monthly events between which 2 of these events are a Luncheon and a Afterwork NetworkingIn addition propose every month one or two conferences, always on subject matters of interest for our members and for employers. The luncheon it always takes place one Friday of the 13:30h until 16:00h and the Afterwork is one Thursday met every month in a different space starting from 19h until 21h.  In addition propose every month at least a conference and punctually organise another type of events: workshop of our digital chapter, an event networking in collaboration with other employer Clubs or a presentation of an association within the framework of our capitulate social.


I am member of Peña from the beginning, always pleased to meet you being able to attend its meetings, so much for the good atmosphere that it there is, as for relationships that I have been able to create and maintain over time with some of its members. It allows exchanging opinions on same problematic ones that we usually have all the entrepreneurs of the group, in an exclusive environment, but at the same time relaxed. Long life to Peña!

Vincent Moninot
Vincent MoninotFounder of Nectar Sports.

Peña I allow exchanging with local and international entrepreneurs on subject matters so various as the social enterprise, opportunities of investment as well as the gastronomy. I do not have the mentality “club” but Peña is for my a Business Club moves away for being very oriented towards results. Be member of Peña is an excellent way for people newcomers in Barcelona of integrating effectively an ecosystem of entrepreneurs.


  Christophe Primault
Christophe PrimaultCo-Founder of Getapp and investor

Go to Peña, is a bit as when you are going to eat with a friend. It is a Club where you discover people of different horizons, entrepreneurs that they have, as you, win of sharing and happening a good moment. You go in a disinterested way. You can receive some assistance, to happen information that benefits to a “Peñista”, without expecting mandatorily nothing in return. Its founder has known to instill this philosophy in the DNA of “Peña” and these meetings are always relaxed and rich in exchanges with people that you have win of returning to see.

Eric Nigra
Eric NigraFounder of Aradio Group

J’ai eu him plaisir d’avoir pu intégrer him club of Peña à l’causes of sa création ET j’and suis ET and serai toujours fidèle! The proposition d’Emmanuel fut simple ET naturelle, ET him club s’est développé autour of cette simplicité of rencontre ET d’échange between gens d’ouverture… Merci à Emmanuel ET également à Patricia qui depuis l’to rejoint pour administrer Peña.

  Frédéric Hasid, Architect
Frédéric Hasid, ArchitectFounder of Arkhitekton

I am member asiduo of Peña from its creation. I consider a lot this Club since it is based on a philosophy of collaboration and mutual aid between professionals that share the same expectations and interests, those of entrepreneurs. That is why they are born so interesting numerous projects as various. In addition, the entrepreneurial woman is good represented. A real success that it associates business and good humour.

Karine Martin
Karine MartinFounder of the Agency of Translation and Interpretation Fidélité Languages

I participate to Peña from many years and am Founding Member. I found in this Club a space where you can exchange and to share professional experiences in an informal atmosphere and very friendly.

Peña is managed of very dynamic way by Patricia and Emmanuel. Them us propose always new projects, services and they are very open to ideas that can contribute each of the members. They have known to create an atmosphere where members become friends and they finish often working together.

Anne Petit
Anne PetitLawyer

Talk of Guests by Emmanuel, were a group of barely seven or eight members moved by a shared interest: share ideas and experiences between professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. That day, without more pretension, made us the promise of meeting once a month inviting, each one of us, to a person with our same motivation. Is usually to say that with good willpower is arrived further away. It has happened almost a decade since then and, thanks to Emmanuel, to Patricia and to all the people that they have been there, employers that share its experience and professionalism in an empathetic and open environment to listens it. Be serious without taking too in earnest would be able to sum up the

Jean-Claude Faixo
Jean-Claude FaixoDirector Spain and Portugal - Crystal Finance

Peña is more than a Club from Entrepreneurs to the use! Every fifteen days at least have the opportunity of finding with pairs, with which to exchange professional experiences and to promote mutual collaboration spaces, in a very relaxed and nice atmosphere, among others events that are organised during the year in magnificent facilities of the Club in Paseo of Grace (Afterworks, presentations of business projects, conferences, etc.).

Marc Gallardo
Marc GallardoLawyer, Lexing Spain

It is a real pleasure to be part of this project.

Michel Vautherin
Michel VautherinEntrepreneur/Investor

¿Since when have we been knowing each other?…Our Club had and has a traced straight path until where we are all today. For its way of doing, in other words a homogeneous mixture of patience and determination. Following on from this, when I go to Paseo's headquarters of Grace sit down at home: it is very simple, can sit down in an armchair vintage to connect me with the world. It is informal and professional at the same time. It is nomadic and sedentary at the same time. When I can participate in the luncheons, know that I am going to be able to to see my friends. So also is very simple. It is to share, to exchange, to listen and to enjoy the company of terrific people. We come of different horizons and we have an immense point in common: all are employers. Imagine which it happens when we work together…

Sandrine Marie-Anne Corjet
Sandrine Marie-Anne CorjetSAMANCOR Assets Management S.L.

I felt me very comfortable from the beginning with the concept of networking of Peña since, to the difference of the other groups of this kind, the convivialidad of events allows exchanging ideas and experiences with entrepreneurs that have same problematic ones and they come of very different horizons, but you do not usually have in its professional environment to someone or to a group of people to share them.

Never the main goal in Peña it is to distribute cards of visit with participants to events, but instead that it emerges naturally after well-known and swapped credit ideas and experiences with the rest of them.

Finally, facilities of the Business Club in Barcelona, in a prestigious avenue as he is the Paseo of Grace allow also to organise meetings in a welcoming place and very centric when us visit from the outside or that we prefer to organise interviews or meetings out of the company for reasons of confidentiality or simply for the practicidad of the location of the Club. Possibilities of using some environments of work and to access events in European cities as a Madrid, Paris or Lisbon are also keys in the world in him that we live where the mobility is more and more significant.

Philippe of Lagarde
Philippe of LagardeManaging Director Easy Footcare

J’ai intégré Peña in 2014 lorsque je me suis mise à mon compte in tant qu’avocate d’affaires ET ceci m’to permis of faire month premiers pas in tant qu’entrepreneuse. J’assiste régulièrement aux afterworks organisés him jeudi soir ET c’est l’occasion of renforcer them liens avec them anciens membres ET of faire the connaissance give nouveaux. Of bonus, him Club organise régulièrement give conférences données pair give membres ET ceci permet of se mettre à jour south them différents sujets proposés.

Audrey Clémenceau
Audrey ClémenceauLawyer

SOCIAL chapter

In October 2017, LPBC has launched a Social Chapter with a dual purpose: Sensitise and inform our ecosystem on social enterprise, through conferences with experts of the sector. Help to be born social projects and/or to take place thanks to the assistance of our ecosystem.

For more information: social@lpbc.club


Our Members buscán constantly business opportunities in other cities and countries. Peña is always to its side, accompanying them and developing networks and reliable ecosystems for them in other places as a Lisbon, Valencia, Madrid, Paris, London, …

For màs information: info@lpbc.club

DIGITAL chapter

The Digital Chapter of LPBC is composed of a Club of Business Angels, who propose with regularity investment opportunities in Start’Ups that we accompany when look for financing.

For more information: info@lpbc.club