Our monthly luncheon takes place always one Friday of 1.30pm at 16:00h. The peculiarity of this event is that we start with a cocktail networking to give opportunity to all the participating employers of exchanging and in a second half sat down for the rest of the luncheon.

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Every month give opportunity to our members of meeting some hours to share a moment of way exchange very informal. Our Afterwork is always organised one Thursday of the 19 at 21h.

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Conferences take place in our Paseo's branches of Grace. Speakers that they have intervened in Peña are very different. We propose varied subject matters but always of interest for our members (death duties, company's creation: legal and fiscal structuring, digital strategy, databases management and visualisation, chain of blocks or “Blockchains”, the mobility, …).


To accompany members of Peña in the development of its businesses us are opening to other cities and we establish collaborations with others Business Clubs in Europe, as the Club 567 in Madrid, the SPC in Majorca,… Thus members of the Club can interconnect with other ecosystems in European cities and to expand its business opportunities and networks of contacts.

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Partners - LPBC - THE PIAF

ANNUAL tournament OF GOLF

Every year organise in a Golf club of surroundings of Barcelona a tournament of golf in which participate so much members of Peña, such as guests or partners. We make good use of this golf day to celebrate at night our major summer dinner.

Tournament of Gulf 2019
Tournament of Gulf LPBC 2019
Tournament of Gulf of Juno 2019
Tournament of Gulf LPBC 2019
Tournament of Gulf LPBC 2019