Advantages of being member of Peña?


To be member of Peña, is essential be the nº1 of its company and to represent certain securities. Thus, the Peñistas can collaborate in total confidence.


Meet with employers between 2 and 4 times a month in exclusive events (luncheons, afterworks, conferences, sessions of pitch for investors, workshops, tournament of golf …)


Speaking of your challenges with other employers, accelera and it expands your business thanks to possibilities of collaboration that offers Peña and it accesses reliable contacts in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Valencia, Majorca, Paris …


It accesses a service catalog (branches to willingness in the Paseo of Grace of Barcelona, in Madrid, Lisbon and Paris) negotiated offers exclusively, assistance to the creation of company …)


Access to monthly luncheons

Access to the afterworks monthly

Access to the directory of members

Placed in direct relationship, creation of opportunities

Access to the spaces Club of Paseo of Grace (Barcelona)

Access to conferences

Access to the Club of investors

Entry into service of ministry

Advice in business creation

Negotiated offers for Members

Punctual access to a work position

Access to the conference room in Paseo of Grace

Access to the private living room in Paseo of Grace

Possibility of rent a fixed work position

Possibility of rent the Club for private events

VIP status (priority and square insured person in the events)

Placed hereinafter in one newsletter specifies

Placed hereinafter on the website

Monthly luncheon included in the fee

Direct payment Paseo of Grace included in the fee

Exclusive events (tournament of golf, etc.)

Access to the Club 567 of Madrid

Access to the Club in all the other cities

Company' direct payment in Paseo of Grace (monthly)

Monthly Networking luncheons












€ 200

€ 200/cities

€ 85 HT

€ 30 HT






– 20%


€ 100

€ 60 HT

€ 30 HT


– 30%






I am member asiduo of Peña from its creation. I consider a lot this Club since it is based on a philosophy of collaboration and mutual aid between professionals that share the same expectations and interests, those of entrepreneurs. That is why they are born so interesting numerous projects as various. In addition, the entrepreneurial woman is good represented. A real success that it associates business and good humour.

Karine Martin
Karine MartinFounder of the Agency of Translation and Interpretation Fidélité Languages

J’ai eu him plaisir d’avoir pu intégrer him club of Peña à l’causes of sa création ET j’and suis ET and serai toujours fidèle! The proposition d’Emmanuel fut simple ET naturelle, ET him club s’est développé autour of cette simplicité of rencontre ET d’échange between gens d’ouverture… Merci à Emmanuel ET également à Patricia qui depuis l’to rejoint pour administrer Peña.

  Frédéric Hasid, Architect
Frédéric Hasid, ArchitectFounder of Arkhitekton

Go to Peña, is a bit as when you are going to eat with a friend. It is a Club where you discover people of different horizons, entrepreneurs that they have, as you, win of sharing and happening a good moment. You go in a disinterested way. You can receive some assistance, to happen information that benefits to a “Peñista”, without expecting mandatorily nothing in return. Its founder has known to instill this philosophy in the DNA of “Peña” and these meetings are always relaxed and rich in exchanges with people that you have win of returning to see.

Eric Nigra
Eric NigraFounder of Aradio Group

Peña I allow exchanging with local and international entrepreneurs on subject matters so various as the social enterprise, opportunities of investment as well as the gastronomy. I do not have the mentality “club” but Peña is for my a Business Club moves away for being very oriented towards results. Be member of Peña is an excellent way for people newcomers in Barcelona of integrating effectively an ecosystem of entrepreneurs.

  Christophe Primault
Christophe PrimaultCo-Founder of Getapp and investor

I am member of Peña from the beginning, always pleased to meet you being able to attend its meetings, so much for the good atmosphere that it there is, as for relationships that I have been able to create and maintain over time with some of its members. It allows exchanging opinions on same problematic ones that we usually have all the entrepreneurs of the group, in an exclusive environment, but at the same time relaxed. Long life to Peña!

Vincent Moninot
Vincent MoninotFounder of Nectar Sports.

Talk of Guests by Emmanuel, were a group of barely seven or eight members moved by a shared interest: share ideas and experiences between professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. That day, without more pretension, made us the promise of meeting once a month inviting, each one of us, to a person with our same motivation. Is usually to say that with good willpower is arrived further away. It has happened almost a decade since then and, thanks to Emmanuel, to Patricia and to all the people that they have been there, employers that share its experience and professionalism in an empathetic and open environment to listens it. Be serious without taking too in earnest would be able to sum up the

Jean-Claude Faixo
Jean-Claude FaixoDirector Spain and Portugal - Crystal Finance